Talent Scout

Why Selhurst Recruitment Consulting? Simply a desire to move away from quantity and focus on quality; a desire to offer a better, more involved service to both clients and candidates. The best way to achieve this is to leave the process and financially target-driven environment that characterises mainstream recruitment consultancies and develop a service tailored to suit each client, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee on each placement.

In addition, there is a niche for a recruitment consultant who acts less like an agent and more like a talent scout. Major sports teams around the world have long understood that the key to long-term success is to acquire, develop and retain the best talent. The top sportsmen and women have managers who guide their careers. The best clubs have scouts who are constantly searching for talented players.

In the world of business, companies are gradually realising that to be successful in a climate of skills shortage they need to find, develop and retain the best people. Most don’t know how to do it, though. Similarly, most people don’t plan their careers; they don’t have anyone they can turn to for advice or to give them direction or simply to provide an objective opinion.

If your company is looking for a ‘talent scout’, Selhurst Recruitment Consulting can help.

Laurence Stubbs MBA, BA (Hons), Diploma in Marketing (CIM).

Areas of expertise:
Software Developers
Network Administrators
Systems Analysts
Project Managers
Data Analysts

Financial Managers
Forensic Accountants and Auditors
Project Accountants