Frequently Asked Questions?

Why should I use a recruitment consultant when looking to make a career move?

  • You don’t have to. Most people are perfectly capable of finding a new job. It takes time and perseverance and hard work. Just in the same way most people are perfectly capable of looking after their own gardens; but don’t. If you are looking for a career move why not use the services of someone whose expertise is in finding people new jobs? Someone who is constantly in touch with companies searching for new opportunities; someone who is up-to-date with recruitment trends, market salaries and career issues. Why not partner with someone who can advise you and guide you in your job search?
  • Many companies now outsource their recruitment needs to recruitment companies. Some companies do not allow you to have access to their open jobs; therefore using a recruitment consultancy will give you that direct access into them. In addition, consultants have experience in marketing you into companies, therefore you don’t need to try and ‘sell yourself’ if you don’t know how to.

Why should I use a recruitment consultant to find staff for my company?

  • You don’t have to. If your company’s expertise is in identifying and recruiting talented staff then you should do it yourself. However, most companies don’t specialize in recruiting staff, they specialize in making things or selling things or offering some sort of service. The problem is that most companies still haven’t realized how expensive and disruptive and time consuming it is to recruit the wrong person. How much money will recruiting a bad sales person who loses one of your key clients cost you?

How do I choose a recruitment consultant?

  • The same way you choose any other service provider. Use referrals from people you trust, see who is advertising positions in your industry and area of expertise and, most importantly, experience the way you get treated by them. If your plumber didn’t return your calls, treated you with contempt every time you spoke to him and generally offered you a shoddy service would you use him again? Probably not .A good recruitment consultant will treat you professionally, return your calls, keep you updated, offer you good advice and, most importantly, are honest with you. If they don’t do all of these things, don’t use them.

Why do I need help to manage my career?

  • You don’t. However, a survey carried out in the UK several years ago asked a cross section of middle managers how their careers had developed and were they happy in their present jobs. 67% said that their careers had ‘just happened’ and that they were very unhappy. Most people spend more time on choosing a DVD to watch on a Saturday night than they do managing their career. Be honest, how much time do you spend each week updating your CV, checking out recruitment trends and seeing what jobs are being advertised? Where do you want your career to be in 5 years time? Don’t know? Then the chances are a similar survey would place you in that unhappy 67%. People think nothing of having a financial adviser, but what use are they if your career has stalled and you are not earning a market related salary?

Why do companies recruit so badly?

  • It goes back to question 2 and what are companies really good at? They are good at making beer, or offering life insurance and designing bridges. Are they good at recruiting their own staff? In most cases the answer is, sadly, no. Why are companies bad at recruiting staff? There are lots of reasons, but some of them include not having a clear idea of who they need, intense pressure to recruit in haste, poor talent management policies, no staff retention strategy, no long term staffing policies, unrealistic expectations, poor training capability and policies, hidden agendas, conflict between line management and the HR function and being completely out of touch with recruitment trends and market salaries. The sad fact is that while companies tell everyone that their staff  are their most valuable asset the truth is usually very different.

How do recruitment consultancies really work?

  • It’s very simple; most recruitment consultancies are like factories and they process candidates and the ones that make the grade get put forward to their clients. The highest earning recruitment consultants are great sales people and have the best client contacts. Candidates are the product which they ‘market and sell’ to their clients. Consultants are measured by their weekly activities, including the number of people they place and if their activity levels drop below the target level for more than a few months the chances are they will be fired. The recruitment industry has a very high turnover of staff; non performance is not tolerated. Remember this the next time your recruitment consultant gets a bit stressed when you cancel your interview at short notice.
  • Recruitment consultancies are very efficient in placing people in jobs very similar to what they are already doing or have done in the past. They fit round pegs into round holes and make lots of money doing it. They are not so good at helping people who want to make radical career changes or who have no idea what they want to do or who have no skills or qualifications. Remember this the next time you apply for a job advertised by a recruitment consultancy.